The Story

Hello! Welcome to the Brittany Smith Photography website. First, thanks for clicking this far and for your general interest in my photography.

Meet Your Photographer,

Brittany Smith is the name! I am twenty-three years old, and I am from Greenwood, Mississippi. I have a three-year-old boy named Weston. I am a full-time Radiologic Technologist at The University of Mississippi Medical Center in Grenada, MS.

At eight years old, I started attending meetings at Leflore County 4-H. I learned about creative thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork here. Leflore County 4-H offered so much to me while I was there. I was allowed to attend the annual Congress at Mississippi State University for four consecutive years. We are given a choice as to what we want to compete in for the week we are there. You guessed it. I chose photography. Every time. Every year I learn something new. I was given the amazing opportunity to learn darkroom film photography. My second to last year of attending congress was when I won my award in photography along with several other smaller awards throughout the four years. The thing I learned at MSU has been useful to me even today in an ever-changing world. I will forever be grateful for Leflore County 4-H.

Soon after finishing 4-H, I graduated from Carroll Academy in 2017 with twelve years at CA. After graduating high school, I attended Holmes Community College to obtain an Associate of Arts Degree, then on the Mississippi Delta Community Colleges' Radiologic Technology program to learn how to take pictures in even more ways.. inside the human body! It is such a wonderful feeling to know that the images I provide are aiding in the process of saving someone's life and, at the same time, capturing another's life.

Thank you for reading,


Brittany Smith

What Will your Experience be Like?

When running a business, people tend to think it is all business. But that is not the case here with Brittany Smith Photography! I am the type to get you laughing during your session. I bring an energy to the table that is unmatched. My job is to give you the best, most fun, and most relaxed experience along with professional quality images and memories. I cannot wait to work with you!